Kerning is one of those things Don Draper would tell an art worker to get better at before he threw his whisky over some shoddy design and told the schmuck designer to get out of his office. The clock would hit 10am and he’d pour himself another drink, light a cigarette, and wonder when he’d find a creative capable of bringing his brand vision to life.

The process of kerning is the meticulous adjustment of spaces in typography that’s somewhat of a lost art these days. Blending the classic, precise approach of kerning in design, with the high performance that cycling demands from it’s rider, Kern emerges.

The finest in cycling apparel and the most considered designs, Kern is aimed at those who expect only the best from their riding prowess and personal aesthetic.

Kern was Launched in 2015 with a select product offering. The Skinsuit and the Wattsuit were the first off the line, designed and made with quality in mind. Whether it’s a race for slips or a Sunday exhibition, both suits allow for the aerodynamic rating of a wind tunnel and the style of a forward-thinking satorialist. Monsieur Draper would be impressed.

The opposite sex will exalt the wearer, fellow cyclists will covet the rider. Whatever the scenario, Kern finds the empty spaces amongst the dense landscape, and adjusts for perfection.